Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When I'm Done mini-lesson

Today I did a mini-lesson based on one in Launching the Writing Workshop focused on what they should do when they think they are done. I had printed out the poster from the CD and mounted it. As always we first reviewed (briefly!) what we had done in our previous lesson. I went back to the story I had written yesterday about losing my first tooth. I modeled adding to the picture and then adding to the words. When I finished I read it over again, and decided it was done for now. Then I modeled getting another piece of paper to start a new piece. I showed them the poster and asked them point by point if I had done what the poster said. They identified that I had. Then I asked them to show me that they could do the things on the poster.

We had a great writing time. I have a TA, an Upper School student named Hannah. She was a big help, as it gave me a second person to do mini-conferences with some of the students, helping the ones who had a harder time getting started putting their ideas on paper. Most started out working on the piece they began yesterday. Several finished those pieces and then began another one. We had no announcements of "I'm done!" before Writing Workshop was over. Several had trouble stopping when it was time. In our sharing time I asked one person to share what she did: She added to the beginning of her story, because she remembered something that happened before what she wrote yesterday. She added a piece of paper on top of what she wrote yesterday. Then several others shared what they had done.

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