Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Second Writing Workshop

Today we sat again in our meeting spot. I had the chart that I wrote on for our last mini-lesson. I asked the children what they remembered that I did last time. They were able to tell a lot of the things I did. Then I went through the process again, writing a new piece. I thought of an idea (closing my eyes), drew it, and then wrote about it. Today I wrote about a memory I have of when I was 6 and I was the only one in my class that had not lost a tooth. I hoped all year that I would lose one. Then on the last day of school, my first tooth came out. I dripped blood all over my report card!
The children then came up with their ideas and shared them with a person sitting by them. (I will set up regular writing partners later when I know the children better.) Once they shared, I sent them off to their writing spots. It was a productive day. Everyone got a picture and at least some writing down. All of them came up with an idea that they were excited about. A few are at a very beginning place with their letter/sound recall, so I conferenced with them to provide extra support as they worked. When we stopped writing, I gave them all their new writing folders and explained the system for the front flap with the green dot being for work they will continue to work on, and the back flap with the green dot being for work they believe they are finished with. One of the students had attached a second piece of paper to add to his story. When we had our sharing time at the end of writing I had him share what he had done.
Next time I will do a mini-lesson about what to do when you are done.

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