Thursday, September 25, 2008

So Many Ideas, So Little Time

This is the time of year when I find my mind whirling with all the mini-lessons I want to do. I am starting to see the potential coming out in my young writers, and they are so new to so much of this writing work.

I have to slow myself down and remember that we have the whole year. I also need to remember that too much, too soon is never a good idea. We have begun using pre-made booklets in Writers Workshop, following a mini-lesson from Launching the Writing Workshop by Lucy Calkins and Leah Mermelstein. Most of the students have taken to using the booklets with enthusiasm, and it is helping them to expand their pieces more.

I am currently reading About the Authors by Katie Wood Ray with Lisa B. Cleaveland. This book focuses on the K-2 Writing Workshop. In this book they talk about starting the year with pre-made booklets. It is something that I want to think about for next year. Years ago, before I started doing the Writing Workshop approach, I would start the year by giving my six year old writers blank booklets made by folding together several sheets of legal size paper and stapling them. It always worked to get most of the children making books that included both pictures and words.

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